Expert Trailer Repair Technicians

We do a thorough inspection of all types of boat and watercraft trailers. Before we start any trailer repair or maintenance we will provide you with a repair estimate.

As a part of our diagnostic service we check your trailer bearings. It is important that they are properly maintained to prevent them from heating up or freezing while you are en-route to a boating adventure.

We also inspect and check all wiring. It is important that each wire connector is clean and free of residue and that there is no wire damage. As a part of this inspection we test your brakes. Don’t take your wiring for granted. You don’t want to harm yourself or another passenger because of faulty wiring.

•  Tongue Lock Repair & Maintenance
•  Trailer Parts & Hitches
•  Repair Boat Trailer Hitches
•  Trailer Welding if necessary
•  Breaks Repair
•  Fenders Paint Restoration

Trailer Sales/Repair

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